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Our second motorcycle, Honda Varadero, was my dreams. We made lots of kms with it in Turkey, and now it is the time to take it to abroad which I always was dreaming. Of course we have a little bit doubtfulness about going abroad by a motorcycle, altough we’ve been to Europe many times. It sure would be different. The preparation, documentation and etc... we need to search a lot. But the relaxing thing is we won’t be alone during this trip. Yes, we’ll have friends with us in this trip from Istanbul...

The trip team:

         Erkan- Gözde / İstanbul

                  (2008 model BMW R1200GSAdventure)

         Ahmet-Emel / Eskişehir

                  (2008 model Honda XL 1000V Varadero)



         Generally Italy-France-Greece;

         Details are below...

We had to make our preparations by telephone with Erkan because of the distance between Eskisehir and Istanbul. At the end, there would be no problem to be on the way to Europe... if 

    If we didn’t have to go to Izmir for a duty 1.5 months before the trip...

    if we didn’t do anything during this one-month duty,

    and did’t travel all around the Aegan Region on the weekends...

    and at the end of this one month with lots of fun,

    when we were on a trip again,

    and when we were about to finish this 1000-km trip on the last Sunday of the last weekend...

    just 20 km left to Izmir...

    and our motorcycle had broken down on the middle of the highway...

Yes, only 15 days left to our Europe trip and make our dreams come through, we had this unpleasant event. We had our motorcycle to a Honda Service, and hand our stuff with us then went back to Eskisehir by a friend’s car... I can tell our experience with the service later if we see each other because it may take more time to tell all than telling this trip. Hence, I skip that part and begin to this riding report right away...

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