I got an email one day... got surprised... exited... and become impatient for the day to come...

The email was from Merrill Glos.. sure you may remember him if you've read our other adventures... hmmmm, now I realized that! Although this is our website, half of it is about Merrill... 

Anyway, the email was saying that:

"April 18, 2014

Dear Ahmet, Emel and Gokturk.  How are you?  Well, I have some big news….. I would like to visit you this summer.  I am leaving here tomorrow (Saturday April 19th) but won’t be in Turkey until around July…. I’m going to attempt a RTW (round the world).  I have the Tenere packed and will ride with Todd and Dave for half a day, before they turn back to Cincinnati, and I keep going.  

To best summarize my plans:  “I will go out the front door and travel in a westerly direction until I reach the back door.”  I have my Russian and Kazakhstan and Turkey visas and a plane ticket from Vancouver BC to Inchon Korea, arriving Inchon on May 7th and getting my Tenere out of Customs at the airport.  I plan to depart Korea aboard the ferry at Sokcho, arriving Russia on May 11th, the next day.  Then proceeding north around China, down into Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Georgia and then…….Turkey!!!  You can get your revenge for the freezing ride in Diane’s car to Birmingham by boiling me in Turkey.  

From Turkey, I will make my way to Europe and Diane will meet me in Warsaw.  I’ll store the bike and rent a car and we’ll tour Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and St. Petersburg before I continue on to England to ship the bike home."

As soon as I saw this email, I was like "Oh my god! I have to buy a bike right now!" Because, I don't have a big bike I didn't know what to do. I just have my scooter that I use from home to work everyday... So, in case I can't buy one big thing, I'll use my scooter to be with Merrill in some part of his RTW.

But, first of all I had to ask to Merrill, if he wanted me! and told him my idea... he likes to travel alone, but he accepted my plan to meet him in some part of Georgia and ride the rest of the way in Turkey together... 

Well, although riding the route I planned with my scooter would have been fun and original thing that I could tell for centuries.. it would have been very difficult and boring for Merrill to keep up the pace with a scooter trying to follow with a Yamaha Super Tenere... huh!!!

Well, to make the long story short... I finally bought a motorcycle that we had in the USA.. a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure... and this time I decided to make this trip solo until I meet Merrill in Georgia... Because we have a child now! and started to pack up! The day before I hit the road...


and the planned route was to be with Merrill all around Turkey, where he wants to visit. But, the time constraint forced us to be together on the half of it. And this is the route that we are together from Georgia till Ankara, the capital city of Turkey!



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