The dates of our trip to Florida were known way before, but where to go, what to do, what to eat, and what to drink were the questions that we don’t know the answers. I think we were affected by the horror movies, and TV shows a lot about USA. Hence, we are sure about one thing: to plan our trip and make our reservations for hotels in advance. Ohhh, there was a second thing that we are sure about: despite the season is winter, the temperature is below zeros (Celsius), 90% of the roads are straight, we have only 12 days for the trip, and we have snow in Dayton until last day… we would go to this trip by motorcycle. But, it was evident that we would suffer very much… Americans have words for this kind of situations: “F…. you” XXX no no! this is not: “No PAIN no GAIN”


We started to check weather forecast one month from the starting day. When we compare the averages with the same period of the last year, we see that it was around 40-50 Fahrenheit, but this year they say it will be 20-30 Fahrenheit. We wouldn’t imagine riding at 30 Fahrenheit in winter, so we test it with a 120-mile short trip. The result is: I rode many times in winter, but I haven’t suffered this much ever. Hence we make a plan B, reservation for a car rental... and started to wait for the day to come…

Everything for the trip was ready except for the vehicle we’d use… We decide where to stay, and make reservations for hotels. According to the records, we live the coldest winter of the last 70 years. So, our aim is to immigrate to the south… one day I see heaters for campers in a shop while thinking about the ways to go to the trip by motorcycle. I immediately buy it and test it one day, and decide that it is useful for winter. So the chances to go to the trip increased by 10% and become 110%...


The previous night, we have still time until 09:00 pm to go to the car rental and take our car, but we are watching TV, lying on the couch and look at each other, then decide not to go… instead we clean the snow on the runway for our flight for tomorrow…


Before starting to the riding report, I ‘d like to give some information about us. If you followed the Balkans Riding Report that we made in 2010, you’d remember. At the end of the Balkans trip, we learned that we were selected for masters in the USA. The city we would go was Dayton, OH. This city is in Midwest USA. Therefore, we had to say goodbye to our BMW R1200 GS, who accompanied us during our Balkans and Mid Europe trip for 7500 km. Actually, we didn’t plan to buy a motorcycle when we came to the USA. Because Ohio has straight roads which you cannot enjoy riding. So, the closest roads that you would enjoy riding are 2000 miles away. Hence, the first thought was to go somewhere we would travel by plane and then rent a motorcycle there.

But, this thought only last for only 2 months. Then, we started to search for a motorcycle online. First of all, we bought some riding suits that we didn’t bring any…

Because, this section of the USA was all flat, people generally choose to ride Harley Davidsons, and it was hard to find a BMW or a dual sport motorcycle around. To make the long story short, I found a BMW 500 km away from our home. I talked to the owner of the motorcycle on phone, and ask if there is an accident on the motor. He said yes, but who cares! I was in Cleveland after 500 miles, and saw my motorcycle in the garage. It was love at first sight. In the evening we were home together… and out trips began with this first one…

The trip team in this report:

       Ahmet-Emel / Dayton,OH

              (2007 model BMW R1200 GS Adventure) / and a lot of heaters…

By the way, for those who are using metric system in their countries I have to give a conversion formula here. I hope you’ll understand that I may not be able to convert all miles and Fahrenheit degrees while writing. I think I have to hire someone to do this… So, please forgive me and use the formula below if you need. I think you’ll get used to this after a while, but if not; don’t feel bad. We couldn’t either after we spent 20 months in the USA.

C= [(F-32)x5]/9

1 mil = 1,6 km but you can use 1.5 for easy calculation. I was doing so.

Sooo, let’s start...

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