Since the time we made the Northwest trip, we, Merrill and his lovely wife Diane became close friends. We made lots of local trips before we made the southwest trip. And we are thinking abourt sharing these small local trips with you soon; but first of all we need to finish talking about the other main tripsJ

As you can guess we planned our southwest trip with Merrill.  We prepared our road maps, but this time Merrill came to our place… Before we make that trip (about three weeks earlier) we made another trip which was a trip to BMW MOA (BMW motorcycle owners) meeting. It was about 50 degree Celsius  and we were about to evaporate.  The most disappointing part of the organization was there was no tree for tenting in its shade.  It was like being in the middle of desert.  Anyway, I do not want to talk about that, because Emel can strangle meJ

I can hear that you are asking “What are you talking about?” …Well, let me talk about it. Because of the extreme temperature our back tire has melted, it was easy to see the metal wires inside of it. Therefore, we had to change it.  

Thanks to Merrill, he took the tire with him and made it changed by a dealer. He brought it back the day when we made the trip plan.


But there was another reason for him to come back. Merrill was a BMW owner. He made his trips to the south most and north most of the America with his BMW R 1150 GS Adventure.  And that motorcycle was the reason of our meeting.

But he fell in love with the super new Yamaha 1200 Super Tenere. As a mather of fact he ordered that motorcycle about one year ago.  Yet, because of the tsunami disaster in Japan, it took one year to arrive to USA.  Yamaha dealer was in Dayton. As you can guess the arrival of Tenere made that Dayton trip so special for him and us.

After we replaced back tire we went to Yamaha dealer to accept Tenere.  Merril; was like little child playing with his toy…After completing the paperwork


He is with his Tar Baby 2…. (His BMW was black and its name was Tar Baby)


It was so hot, so he did not put on his riding gear (except his helmet) which we do not approve… 


And last we are at home to make our trip plan. While he is sipping his favorite beverage  (ice tea), we are planning the adventure waiting for us… After other corners (Keywest-southeast point, Seattle-nothwest point) , it is turn for the third point San Diego-  southwest point… And we are ready for take off…

california trip map


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