DAY 21

DAY 21 (04 June 2010 FRIDAY)

We wake up early in the morning as usual, we a long way to go... long kms, and border passes... We will get into Bulgaria and pass through Varna, Burgas, and Malko Tarnovo at the end before we come up with Derekoy Border Gate, and Turkey... home home sweet home...

Of course, there are things worth to see on the road, but we didn't see any, and we don't like the appearance of the cities from the top... We leave Romania first, and there are about 15-20 dogs which are ready to bite us. I am thinking of a way to survive from them as Emel takes a tour in the free shops... they are moving as I start the engine and they stop if I stop the engine.. and the last thing I could do it to push the motorcycle with the curious eyes of the tourists waiting for their bus to pass the border... 

We thought that we would stop at Varna or Burgas when we get into Bulgaria, but it doesn't attract us when we see it. And we pass through without stopping. And after passing the last city, we take the road that goes to the border... I can say most of the roads are not good in Bulgaria, but this road that goes to the Turkish Border is really bad... maybe the worst one in Bulgaria including the offroad paths... 


And the numbers on the tables starts decreasing as we get closer to the border...

We leave Bulgaria first after the police search all the bags of the motorcycle. They are talking in Bulgaria and I speak in Turkish... and I see that they understand Turkish from their mimics... because they react to the things I'm saying.


and we are in Turkey at last...

we call our families and friends as we enter from the gate...

and we go on to the road to Istanbul, then we meet our friend, Bulent Alkuzu, at Goztepe Time which is a restaurant of him. And he makes us forget our tiresome road trip by his friendly welcoming...


After leaving Bulent's place, we go to my cousin's home and visit her in Kadikoy... and get some rest there for tomorrow...

end of 21st day...


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