DAY 19

DAY 19 (02 June 2010 Wednesday)

We wake up this morning at 10.00 am in peace. Normally, we planned to be in Constanta today, but with the invitation of last night we changed our plans to stay here today too. Otherwise, we would be on the road already.

But, you shouldn't trust people, especially if they are drunk... in the morning Daniel's wife comes to our room... and she apologize millions times. We learn that we won't be able to stay here tonight. There are mexican tourists who made their reservations in advance, and they are coming  today. Of course, they forgot to tell us last night. We didn't want to stay actually, but they insisted on and we thought that it would have been good to discover the area with them. Even we didn't have enough time, we found it beneficial. Anyway...

This does not prevent us to hang around in Brasov, although it is late to be on the road. We walk to the city center... it is a little bit far away from the hostel, but it doesn't matter.




We have our breakfast... our main goal is to eat something before traveling. By the way, the breakfast is the best one  that we've eaten since we are on the road for this trip. I guess I'm very hungry.

Our friends talked about Black Church a lot located in the city center. We visit there, but it is forbidden to take photographs inside. It is built in Gothic style, and there is a 4000-pipe organ inside the church. Also, there are 150-year old Turkish carpets from Antolia brought by the german merchants. It is strange to see the Turkish carpets on the walls of the church. As they say about the organ, it is one of the rare organs that has this much pipes. This may be unnecessary information but I want to share them with you since I took notes about them.

Anyway, after our walk in the city center, we turn back to our hostel. We have to get on our motorcycle after we load our stuff back. Daniel continues to apologize from us again when he sees us. We have to go, so we don't take it personally. They were very kind to us. He shows us that there is a castleon our road on the map. He insists on that we have to drop by and visit there. He says it is the most beautiful castle in Romania.


After we say good bye to them, we are on the road again. Our first target is Sinai which is very close to Peles Castle that Daniel suggested us to visit, and after that Constanta...

We go directly to the castle after we see the sign of it when we are passing through Sinai. When we arrive at castle, we see the warning that says no cars from this point. so, we park the motorcycle and walk to the castle. The road is too long to walk with motorcycle clothes. And you are climbing up to the castle which makes it more difficult.


and the castle shows up... we regret that we didn't come to the top by motorcycle, because there are lots of vehicles here. We get a little bit disappointed when we see the castle, because it is more like a big old house... 


But, we take a tour around anyway, we've walked a lot to come here. 

After we finish the castle, we hang around the shops under the castle garden. As Daniel suggested to us we look for a sweet bread called “kuptos kalacs”, and especially with “nuci”... and we try it... I can say it tastes good, especially if you are hungry... it is served as hot, and warms your stomach.

After Peles Castle we are on the road again... We don't see anything on the road that makes us stop from Peles Castle to Constanta... There is Bucresti between, but it looks like very crowded and there is only one road that goes to the city center. The truck and long vehicle drivers uses this road... but we understand why after a while. Because there is only one road :) We take the highway from Bucresti to Constanta which is about 150-mile long, and as we heard this the only highway in Romania which is built in 30 years.

and we arrive at Constanta finally. It is the evening hours and we don't know where to go. We don't have the detailed map for Constanta on our GPS. We just have an adress...

My ancestors had lived here for years, and then because of the immigration some of them came to Turkey, some of them stayed here. That's where the adress that I'm holding comes from. An old man, my uncle, came to Turkey a few years ago to visit my family. When we met him, we liked him very much and promised to visit him in Romania...

That's why we are in Constanta right now...

After we understand that we can't find the adress by ourselves, we ask to a taxi driver. He refuses to tell where it is, and wants money to take us there. And we accept desperately. 

We see a young boy when we come to the house. He is playing with something and stands in front of the closed door of the garden that we want to get in. Then we ask to him if he knows my uncle... 

and we learn that we are one year late to visit him... 

then he takes us to our other relatives that we have never met before. But, we are like we know each other very good when we see each other. Afterwards, we decide to stay in Constanta for 2 nights, although we planned to stay for only one night.


Constanta is a very big port city, that is beyond my imaginations. 


We learn that the hotel behind us belongs to Hagi, who is a famous football player in Turkey while walking on the sea side.



The beach is very long, and you can enjoy it a lot if you come here on season. And there is a lunapark on the beach, and there is a lift by which you may observe the area from the top. But it was closed when we got there.

After we spent the 20th day of our trip (03 June 2010), we go to sleep with the excitement of going back to Turkey.

end of the 19th day.

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