DAY 18

DAY 18 (01 June 2010 Tuesday)

I wake up very early in the morning, and look out of the window. No surprise! It is raining cats and dogs outside. When I tell it to Emel, she doesn't make a move for getting up. We wait for about 2 hours if it stops. But it does not! 

So, we have to go out because we have 686-km long road to ride and we don't even have an idea about Brasov, the place we are going to spend the night. We don't know where to stay, where to eat, or drink in Brasov... but who cares.. 

We take gas with the last hungarian money we have from the gas station close to the border, and we continue to our way with the rain accompanies to us. Even the rainsuits does not work under this heavy rain... we are very wet...

We may stay tonight at a place after we cross Romania border, but we couldn't see any place that worths. The people here seem to be strange to us, so we continue without a stop...

By the way, all the roads here is one way, and you go through the villages very frequently, and the speed limit is 50 kms/h. There are police cheking the speed at every 2-3 villages. They hide it very good making it almost impossible to see. We pass the 2-3 of them without a problem but we are caught to one of them at last. They make us pull over to the right. They talk in Romanian and we don't understand anything. ( well of course we understand we have a ticket, but we don't understand :) But, he writes it on a paper... He writes we are caught by 83 where the speed limit is 50km/h. And there is a 90 to 120 euros fine. 

I say that we don't have any money, we are on a trip and we are on the road back to Turkey... we finish the money. He goes to the police car, and says if I want to pay the ticket here or pay later. Then I say I can pay 10-20 euros if he wants, and he accepts the offer. Then he sends us.

We arrive at Brasov after passing Arad, Deva, and Sibiu... it is around 09:00 pm... We found a hostel in Brasov last night from internet, so we go there and ring the bell. But, there is noone outside. We gave up after we try a few more times. We saw another hotel on the main street, so we decide to ask there. The price of the hotel seems to be high, and we don't want to spend that much money (100 euros) for one night in Brasov.

Then a Romanian truck driver comes to us and tells there is another hostel next to the hotel. We go there with him to see. He says he's been to Turkey so many times and says “komşi komşi”, which means neighbor in Turkish, to us. He speaks in Romanian and I speak in Turkish, and we have a funny chat. We arrive at the hostel and when we see there we decide to stay at the expensive hotel.

But, I want to give a try one more time, and ask to the receptionist to call the first hostel which we found from internet. And she accepts to call. She speaks with them on the phone and tells us to go to the hostel and the owners will be there in about 10 minutes. And we think that the system of the hostel is like the system in Trogir in Croatia. After 10-15 minutes waiting at the door of the hostel, a 4-5-people group show up. They apologize many times for making us wait. They open the door of the garden and we are in. They show the rooms to us... The rooms, the ownersm the garden... everything is very nice in the hostel. To be honest with you, we didn't expect that this hostel would be as good as it is. We immediately take the room and check in.

After we leave our stuff to the room, the owner of the hostel, Daniel, knocks the door. He invites us to drink some wine with him and his friends. Actually, we are very tired and we can't even stand up... but we can sleep anytime... We take the offer..

We  start to drink the homemade wine together. Daniel is Romanian and his wife is from Estonia. We learn that they were walking with his wife's three friends coming from Estonia, and that's why they were late. Daniel says that he worked in cruise ships a lot, and he's been to Turkey with cruise a lot, and he has a few friends from Turkey with whom they are still keep in touch. 

We haven't watched TV or listen to the radio for 18 days, hence we don't know anything about news in Turkey. But, the news is really a lot... we learn everything from Daniel. 

They also invite us to stay one more night, and to walk to a canyon which is close to Brasov together. We have to go to Constanta, but we take the offer and decide to stay. After everyone gets sleepy, we go to our beds and wait to see each other in the morning again for the canyon...




end of 18th day...

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