DAY 16 (PART 2)

DAY 16 (30 May 2010) “afternoon”


We get into the Hungarian border, even from Budapest border.. We set the gps to camping Zaglietti and we have 13 kms to be there... We see some black clouds on Budapest seems to be rainy. I ask to Emel whether to wear the rainsuits or not. She says let's go a little bit into the city and if it get heavy, we stop somewhere to put them on. So we move on. And we are under the rain, we just go like 1 kms and we are wet from top to the bottom...





we get into a gas station to get protected, but with the wind soakages the rest of our body. Thanks! We see another couple like us in the gas station, and the wife doesn't seem to be happy. So, the man calls a friend and ask him to take them from the station, leaving the bike there. I wish I was a hungarian under this thunderstorm... 

After half an hour it gets softer, and we are on the way to the camping area again. And the reality in the camping... there are no cabins... at least I'm not unhappy not to bring our tent this time... and the lady helps us to find a place to stay... we are looking at internet together...




she calls some of the places and trying to arrange them, but they can't understand each other. So, she gives us the addresses and says us good bye. Thanks to the lady, also the place seems to be nice. I suggest it to the campers in summer.


We go to the addresses that we took from the lady in the city, and the rain stops so it gets hot...


And we change our clothes in the telephone booth like superman... 

We try all the addresses one by one, but we can't find a place to stay. During this period, all of the people on our way were very helpful.

Then I turn on my gps and decide to try the most eminent one among others, named Grand Hostel, since we came to Budapest. When we get there, we regret trying the others, this place is neat, cheap and the recepsionists have smiling faces.

We put our stuff in, and we get to the city center back by bus this time. We didn't like Budapest streets in the night. There are too much homeless people which is sad to see them for tourists. Then the rain starts again. We are here for one more day, so we turn back to the hostel now to get some rest...

         end of 16th day...

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