(20 May 2010 THURSDAY)

We wake up early in the morning, today's route is a long one again...



Some pics from the hotel area that we stayed last night.

One of the things that we are surprised about Kosovo is that even they don't have an income, because they produce nothing, but they have very luxury cars on the roads. When we ask to our friend last night about it, he says even he does not know...


We saw lot of from these car graves, then we got a feeling how they make money. I remember about the riding reports about Albania, I read they have lots of illegal car dealing.. so I guess they have a similar thing in Kosovo too.

The other part of the roads are same with yesterday in terms of quality and traffic. I think there is only one road in Kosovo, and everybody uses it. We rush to Mitrovice with the hope to get into Montenegro...




but we figure that out a surprise is waiting for us at the border gate... Although we are one of the first countries that accepted Kosovo as an independent country, the map that we took at our border does not show Kosovo as a seperate country. So, we just followed the main road with the hope to pass to Podgorica from the border... but we just realize when we arrive there that there is a 20-km Serbia before we could get into Montenegro... ! 

The Kosovo Police warn us that we couldn't pass because we don't have a visa for Serbia, but he let us go and give a try. But the Serbian Police don't let us and make us turn. So, we turn back from the same road for 70 kms. And our plans for having the breakfast in Montenegro fails. Maybe a lunch?

We follow the same road back and take the right to Pec. Our target is Kula Border Gate. We continue with a last stop at a gas station at Kosovo. The guy at the gas station buys us some drink after we told him that we had to turn from the other gate. After it, we start to climb on the mountains.. we lived the same thing last year again... when we ask to ourselves about if we would pass the snowy mountains, the answer becomes YES!





we first leave Kosovo Border...




the temperature goes low while we gain altitude... and it makes us difficult to move among the snowy mountains...





Even though the scenery seems to be very beautiful, our bodies don't let us to spend more than 5 minutes here. We may get into hypothermia if we continue to ride in this cold weather...


The distance between Kosovo border gate and Kula Border Gate is very long... we arrive there finally and we pass it without spending time... 



We come quickly to Rojeka, because we are cold.. then we take a break on the road when we see a nice place to stop. We eat some hot food and try to heat ourselves.





We arrive at Podgorica after passing some mountain passes, valleys, rivers and twisty roads.. and the temperature goes higher. Podgorica is a very big city (the capital) and we are not interested in big cities, so we take a short break here then we continue to Budva to finish the night for today...



We pass over a lake, long and sequentially following tunnels, and edges of the mountains and we arrive at Budva... We immediately find a hostel and go for a walk in the city.





By the way, we realize that we lost our map. So, our only hope is our GPS won't break out and take us to home back.. but it is too early to talk about home, because we just arrived at Adriatic coast... 




We got a little bit disappointed while walking inside the city, because we had great expectations about here since Erol (our Macedonian friend) talked a lot about this city. But, after we walk into the castle and get into the old town, our dissappointment leaves it to the nice memories.We get into a real nice town, but it would have been better if they built the other side of the city like this. I think they are just like us in terms of architectures about the city planners.


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