(18 May 2010)

We wake up early in the morning, of course with full of energy and excitement... A man shows up at the first red light saying "Selam-in Aleykum", which is sayin hi in arabic. While we are looking to the man by questioning who he is, he asks to us about where we are going... we answer as Ohrid. He says his name is Erol and he promises that he will arrange a hotel to us in Ohrid. We move when the light becomes green while he was about to take our phone number. We didn't take him serious, because we couldn't imagine how he will find us in a big city... and we leave it to our destiny and continue...


Our first target is Bitola, Manostir in Turkish. We didn't have our breakfast this morning, because we think that we would find a good place to eat and give a break on the road.


and our hopes come true... we find a place to eat on the road. We don't understand anything from the menu which is in Macadonian, but we can define to the waiter that we wanted to have a sandwich with cheese....

We arrive at Bitola after a 180-km ride which was very entertaining. We ask for "Monastir Military School" when we arrive at the city, but noone understands us. Finally, a Turkish man comes and accompanies us until we get there... and we are in this historical building that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk studied between 1896 and 1899.







we write our feelings to the notebook for guests in a sad mood...





They are from Bursa, Turkey like us, they are here to visit Macedonia like us...




As the tourist guide says, this military school has been restorated in 1998 and now it is serving as a museum... and it is free for the Turkish citizens to visit here.

After we visit the Monastir Military School, in which Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic was born, we leave Bitola and heading for Ohrid.


Some of the men ask us if we want any hotel to stay tonight when we come to Ohrid. We reject them kindly with the hope that Erol, the Turkish guy in Skopje, will find us and arrange a place to stay. But, one of them insists on and follows us by a bicycle. At the same time, another Macedonian guy comes nearby and holds a cellphone to answer. The man on the other side of the phone is Erol saying that he will be with us in a minute and hang up the phone.

We meet an English couple who rides KTM while waiting Erol and have some chat with them. We learn that they were coming from Cambodia, and they are on the way back to England for three months. They are also looking for a place to stay...

Erol comes suddenly while we were looking around without knowing what to do. He says the hotel is very close to the place we are waiting. We offer to the English couple to come with us, but they find the price so expensive. Eeee, they are on a long trip, and they need money I guess. 

So, we leave them and move with Erol to the hotel.


This is our friend Erol... He is a good friend to us, but actually he is one of the guys that want to arrange the tourists a place to stay. Most of the hotels use this way to find customers in this touristic city. And the guys like Erol takes a comission for the people that they arrange for hotels. He earns money by this way... and he is very successful...


 After Erol takes us to the hotel and we leave our stuff to the room, he tells the places to visit in Ohrid to us. St.Naum Church is the most important and furthest among all, and we are on the way... firstly, St.Naum:






He adviced us to visit the water museum at first, but we decide to go to the furthest one first which is 50 kms away from the Ohrid City center, and visit other places on the way back. But, we understand that we made a mistake when we come to the water museum, because it is closed now. 

It doesn't matter. This trip is more like an adventure trip than a cultural actvity. So, we just enjoy the moment.





 Afterwards we come to the hotel and meet Erol here. He takes us to a Turkish restaurant and we eat dinner together. Then I realize that he is observing the area very carefully, he looks almost every car to check if they are tourists or not. He could recognize the tourist cars even from their engine sound. No kidding...

Erol says that the season starts and closes with riders here. Then he tells us his secret:

There are only two streets that comes into the city center. And he is checking both them with his friends every moment. And because he knows where we would enter, he found us very easily.




After we leave Erol, we start to walk to the old city (The Castle). The old city is very attractive to hang around... it doesn't seem that much beautiful outside the castle walls, but very neat inside. We see Turkish flag in some of the houses, which makes us proud in another country.


We see the couple that we checked in the hotel at the same time when we are back. They went to Greece to have a cup of coffee when we were going to St.Naum. We have a little talk together. They are coming from Slovenia with his Kawasaki VN800, and the motorcycle has no sidecases or a topcase... He put a big camping bag to the girl's back and rides very comfortably. We make a little bit fun about it and go to sleep.

They are also on their way back to Slovenia.We see the man in Dubrovnik again 3 days later, and we regret that we made fun of her. Because she is not with him anymore... he is alone...

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