(17 May 2010)


In the morning, Emel's aunt and uncle say goodbye to us with Emel's father (from red forces) as well. Don't worry, it was a planned event...  not a surprise.



We can now finish the relative visiting section of this trip, and pass to the real goal of us that is "traveling"... Our first destination is Sofia, but  before Sofia we should buy some cheap gas... you know gas prices are really high in Turkey.



We take the twisty roads under green forests between Kardzhali and Plovdiv... well there is not much deserty areas around actually. And we arrive at sofia with a very good riding....




  After we eat our lunch in Sofia, we go to visit Kadi Seyfullah Efendi Mosque in the city center according to an advice of a Turkish guy that we met a stop on the road. This is a mosque made by Mimar Sinan, who is a very famous and genius on architecture. And this is the only place that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who is the founder of Turkish Republic, visited when he came to Sofia.     

some information about Mimar Sinan from wikipedia: 

Koca Mi'mâr Sinân Âğâ (Ottoman Turkishمعمار سينانModern TurkishMimar Sinanpronounced [miːˈmaːɾ siˈnan]) (c. 1489/1490 – July 17, 1588) was the chief Ottoman architect (Turkish: "Mimar") and civil engineer for sultans Suleiman the MagnificentSelim II, and Murad III. He was responsible for the construction of more than three hundred major structures and other more modest projects, such as his Islamic primary schools (sibyan mektebs). His apprentices would later design the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in IstanbulStari Most in Mostar and help design the Taj Mahal in the Mughal Empire.

end of the information...                                                                          

As I said before, this mosque is designed by Mimar Sinan in 1567... you may see in the picture below.


Actually, we don't like to visit large metropols in a country. There is not much to see and it is very crowded. But, when you come to a country, you cannot pass the capital without visiting. Therefore, we take a short walk around and continue to our way to Macedonia, Skopje...         


We arrive at Kyustandil first with beautiful twisty roads. And the Macedonia border comes suddenly we were moving with great pleasure... Bulgarian police first allow us to pass without checking us, and then they realize the Turkish plate and make us turn back. They want to  open our baggage, but we behave like we didn't understand. After them, the Macedonian police welcomes us with smily faces... he gives us some maps and information about the country. And let us go... We don't lose time at the border and we continue to Skopje without stopping.         

Skopje is another metropol on our route. Until here, Macedonia is very empty. I think all the Macedonians live here. We have a Turkish TV show, called Good bye Rumelia, and this is not like that.

We are here under heavy rain... with the horns and traffic jam, it is just like Turkey.



We immediately start to search for a place to stay...  and we find it...    


later on we put our stuff to our room, we walk the city to discover.


after we find a place to spend the night, we need to find a place to eat. We sit at a restaurant which looks very cute...




After we eat something, our energy comes back to walk the city from top to bottom. The city is, being the capital, so big to walk. When we ask to people where to visit, they cannot tell so many things. Therefore we hang around comfortably and go back to our hotel...


this is the car of my dreams :)

Macedonia is a very cheap country to visit. Their currency here is the Macedonian Dinar, and  1 € = 60 Dinar approximately. Hence, you become very rich in one second when you change your euros with dinars.

end of the 3rd day. 

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