Hello everybody,

I guess this will be the most visited section of this website. To be honest, this part was the most enjoyful one while preparing this site. Because we rode all the routes... :)

I wrote a paragraph before as:

"You may be asking why only abroad trips are included, but Turkey. In short, if you think about 85000 kms that we made so far whose half of were made in Turkey, I started building the website as two sections, Turkey and Abroad. But afterwards when I tried to write reports about our Turkey trips, I realized that we couldn't take nice pics to share with you. Therefore I can promise you that while starting with abroad trips, we won't waste our time in Turkey and take nicer pics, then make them as better reports to share."

Well, I promised you and I did it... So, most of our Georgia trip is about Turkey, especially Black Sea Region with nice photos (I assume)... and it's been over 100,000 kms by now... (I have to update this pace more frequently...)

I think the menu about the trips are pretty easy to understand and use, so I won't place links also below. Among all, the most important thing I'd like to say is be with us while reading our riding reports and don't forget... if anyone can do it, you can do it better. 

and just like a sentence that I read in one of the books,

"one day road goes to neverland" 

because of this, if you want to do something do it "today" not "one day"... 

Note: we tried to design the website that would be the easiest for you to use. I hope I could achieve it. Please share your ideas with us anytime, and help us to make it better. Don't forget this site belongs to all of us...