Although it is only 60-mile from our house and we passed the road next to it at least 50 times, we haven't thought of dropping by the Motorcycle Museum which is located in Columbus, Ohio. The more interesting thing about this is even Merrill hasn't gone although it has been on service since 1982. 

So, we make a plan together again. But this time we have another accompany, Merrill's friend Ron. He was an advisor to Honda about where to open a shop or a dealer, and how they will handle the work. He was also an offroad racer who attended to the BAHA Desert rallies at first, and lots of others.

Merrill takes us in the morning and we arrive to the museum (no need to say we begin to our journey, because it is only 45 minutes from our house). It is not like the Barber Motorcycle Museum of course, but the temas inside the museum are more like related. Some pics from the museum...

DSC 0295


DSC 0294

You may look at the other pictures of the museum from the "Photos" section on the menu; but the most interesting section of the museum that I respect is the section of the rider and the traveler, named "Dave Barr", whose life story is told, his motorcycle and his protez leg is presented. Do you wonder how the story goes on, let's tell...

"Despite the loss of his legs due to the explosion of a land mine his vehicle struck while he served in the South African Army. AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Dave Barr overcame those physical obstacles to ride this FXR around the world, across Russia, around Australia, across China, and across the Gobi Desert alone.

Modifications are numerous, and most of are the result of expedient repairs during his journeys. Note the motocross style front fender, the special seat pad, tip over bars, extra fuel tank and the patina of wear that only comes with circumnavigating the world."

This story tells me that life never ends and we have to go whatever it takes. The obstacles starts in the minds of humans and ends there. To do something the desire to do that is enough, just want to do that. As Dave Barr did. He just followed the dreams, which most of the men can't even think about it, with two protez legs, modified clutch, shift, throttle and brakes. We just clap our hands for him standing...

DSC 0319

There are some other interesting things in the museum, but I chose to end the story here with this memory in you minds. So, this museum ends here, we leave here and have lunch together which constitutes the basement of the "Offroad Adventure"!!! you can find it in the menu...