In this section, I’d like to thank to the people, who shared their food and water with us,  who helped us when we needed, who opened their houses and their hearts, and who had been a part of every miles we made and made our memories unforgettable. Yes, you had been the reason to constitute this kind of a website. Therefore, I couldn’t pass this website without this kind of a section, without sending my special thanks to all of our friends and fellow travellers.


I would start with Omur who did our website, but let's leave him to the end...


To Mehmet Öğüt for convincing me to get a motorcycle endorsement,

to Koray Kakız for having me to attend to the motorcycle meetings even I didn’t have a motorcycle at that time, and having me to meet with Izmir motorcyclists.

To Motordelisi members for showing great friendship even I didn’t have a motorcycle,

and to Aziz for taking me and visiting all the motorcycle shop to get an adequate one for me.

To Taşkın Ögel, the owner of my first motorcycle, for his great friendship.

To the carrier (motorcyclst) who helped me while I had a trouble with my moto after the clutch wire had been came off.

To Serkan Gergic and Omer Gürarslan in Eskisehir, for their help and support while buying the Honda varadero,

and to Volkan and Ruhan Özmert for showing great interest both at the buying and service process.

To Varadero Türkiye members, 

on the Istanbul side Levent-Filiz Sığırcı, Bülent Alkaya, Burak Erdal, Şenol Hun,

to our fellow travellers who were with us during our south Europe trip Erkan-Gözde Talu,

on the Ankara side to Cüneyt Coşkun, Murat Turgut, Olgun Toprakçı, Ramazan Köymen,

and on the Bursa side to Cagatay Maznaoglu and Bursa Enduro family.

In Eskisehir, I’d like to thank to all my friends, Ahmet Kemal Güler his lovely wife, Hüseyin Erdoğan, Eskişehir Enduro family, Hakan-İlhan Çelikoğlu, Tamer Tezgören, Yılmaz motorcycle shop Fatih-Ertuğrul Yılmaz, Faruk Şenyüz, Volkan Akan, Bilal Kılınç, Mahir Özkanlı, Umut Yentürk, Volkan Bozyel, Erhan Koygun, Alp Başol, Mehmet Erol, Fatih abi, Cengiz Bayçu, İsmail Çetin, Kenan Üstündağ, Ümit Bozkuş,

for my first motorcycle training to Ugur Ertekin,

to the best motorcycle trainer of Turkey Serhat Kilavuz.

To Levent Vardar, although I knew him only by name, he came to Ephesus to help us when our clutch wire was came off. 

To Varadero Türkiye and Ride Turkey members for their support when we had problems with Honda,

to the mechanic in Crotaia for his help repairing our headlight then providing us a place to stay.

To the riders who gave their map while we were on Alps and lost our map and trying to find our way to Munich.

To Kocacik Village people, Macedonia for their great hospitality.

For another hospitality that they showed to us on the rice day of Saridayi Village people.

To Cem Malyemez, who accompanied us while buying our motorcycle in the USA.

To Merrill Glos, who showed us great hospitality in the USA, and saw us as a family member.

To Todd Leaver for his great friendship, to John Fischer, to Ron Moning even I fell down with his motorcycle which I told the story with name of “Off-road Adventure”, and to BMW Cincinnati Club members.

To Hande and Korhan for having us the dinner after all of our long trips,

to Evren for having us to stay in Seattle for four days and continued to insist on staying.

To Medford BMW for giving us priority to change our breaks and giving tools to change our oil and filter.

To Merrill Glos again, for planning all of our trips and sharing his experience in the USA.

To Tuba and Ozan, Hatice, Levent and Duygu, Önal and Aslı, Erkan and Canan for having us to stay with them even we were stinky with the motorcycle clothes.

to Murat Kuyu, from whom I bought my GS Adv, hosted me in his yatcht  in Marmaris... 

to Ridvan Turk for his hospitality when I was in Vezirkopru,

to the most experienced traveler of Turkey, Osman Gürsoy... who traveled to England 19 times and to the USA with his Vespa...

to Sedat Bozkurt (great traveler) for his incredible stories and hospitality when I was in Trabzon, and we were in Trabzon with Merrill...

to Ali Sakar, the border police officer, when I was at the Georgia border trying to get in... he helped me with my paperwork and I managed to get in, otherwise there won't be a Georgia trip...

to the police officer, I couldn't learn his name, at the Turkish border... while we were with Merrill trying to get in, he helped us with the insurance for Merrill's bike... otherwise we would lose 10 hours at the gate I guess... and of course to the insurance company in Posof...

to Yamaha Trabzon, who accepted to give us only the front tire when it got flat on the way to Sumela Monastery...


And to all that I couldn’t remember their names right now, but will always remember their help and support.



and finally to Omur Alkaya, our IT guy who showed great work to make this website came through, very special thanks to him...                                                                           






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