ahmetsite Although he was born in one of the most eminent cities in Anatolia at beginning of 80s, he found a way to go to the most beautiful seaside city in Turkey, known as the pearl of the Agean, for his high school education. He was charmed by the cool wind that is special for seaside cities and went to another beautiful city that connects two continents, Asia and Europe, to continue his education. Hence, he made his first step to another continent at that year. Then, he came back to the pearl and changed his direction of his life by answering a question as “yes!” which was “do you want to take a motorcycle endorsement?” From this point forward, he bought his first motorcycle, Kawasaki EN 500, and began short trips around the pearl. Within this time, he had the chance of learning the philosophy of motorcycling, dropping it, falling with it, and got to know the world on two tires.

 As he started to say “yeah, that’s it! I got the philosophy” he had to move to another well-known city in Turkey which takes place on the east and had to separate his way with Kawasaki EN 500. Then, he bought drums with the income of his Kawasaki and spent some of his lifetime as a drummer in a band, which was named “dead end”.  During this time, there had been another drastic change in his life and combined his way with Emel. While he was trying to save money for a new motorcycle at that time, he and Emel were caught by a bad disease and struggled to heal after a long work. Then their vision about life had changed, and became “one life, live it!”

  emelsiteAfter completing his job in the eastern part of the Turkey, they moved to another city, which is like Amsterdam of Turkey. Here, they decided that they wouldn’t wait for a motorcycle until they would have to ride it with a walking stick. Therefore, they took a loan from the bank and bought their Honda Varadero.


With this big, new and black motorcycle, nobody could hold them for not to travel. Although Ahmet had some difficulties to get used to the new bike, he got along with it by having motorcycle trainings from professionals. Then, they had a quick start to their long way trips. They completed almost all of the west side of Turkey, and add an abroad trip to their adventures at the same time with their Honda. But, again they had to separate their way with Honda after they had a problem with it.


 After a short period of time, they switched to BMW R 1200 GS and continued their trips with it by having another abroad trip in Balkans and the mid Europe. Then, again they separated their way with their BMW to go to another continent and taste it.

 gokturksiteIn this new continent, they decided not to buy a motorcycle. But this decision could only live for two months. After these two months, finally they and a BMW R 1200 GSAdventure were connected for 40000 kms in the USA. Besides they made three big trips where they touched to the three corners of the USA (Southernmost, Southwest and Northwest)  from Ohio where they lived having an Ironbutt Association Certificate showing they made 1500 miles in 36 hours. While preparing for the forth corner, they learned that there will be another member of their family to accompany them with their trips. So, they stopped for now for him to get old enough for a ride for 2 years.

then they bought a scooter, Honda PCX125 to touch their butt on a motorcycle at least from home to work. in 2014 they had an email from Merrill saying that he is about to go on a RTW. And Ahmet decided to welcome him in Georgia and accompany him until Ankara. Then they bought a 2007 model R1200 GSAdv again like they did in the USA. and Ahmet went to Georgia trip for Merrill, without Emel this time.

in 2015 he invited a project called Ride2Swim, combining  riding and swimming. The first thing of this project is the Nordkapp project including intercontinental swimming competition in Istanbul...

 Hence, as they stopped for their new member to be eligible for their trip plans, they wanted to share their memories, motorcycle diaries, and experience with you not to spend this time separated from motorcycling. So, this website had been arisen… Nowadays, we’re just building the basement of this website, but I hope it will be enlarged with you cooperation, contribution, interest, and comments.


                                                  with all our respect                                                                                                                                                  

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